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In need of adventure, new horizons, want to discover something else?!! Africa awaits you!
'Mysterious charm on Europes doorstep' - Morocco is an initiation into the exotic magic of the Islamic, Arabic, African world, the world of medinas and minarets, desert and mountain, our 2 week breathtkaking tour into an arabian nights medieval world will stay in your mind forever.

Every two months we embark on a two week tour of Morocco. Beginning in the Atlantic Coastal town of Agadir we travel inland to see some of the most breathtaking sights in Northern Africa. Crossing several mountain ranges- including the Anti-Atlas, the Middle Atlas and the High Atlas- you will see amazing sights, from beautiful unspoilt villages to spectacular mountain scenery, lush oases, ravines, and those special lost wonders of Africa that inspired Winston Churchill to return here to seek solace and paint the beauty that he saw.

We will stay in accomodation that all have swimming pools and provide a high level of cuisine. However, dont let this deceive you! Morocco is a world of contrasts- step out of the hotel into a Medieval land of pony and traps, camel caravans, snake charmers and street vendors- little has changed in Morocco in 500 years!

This is for the traveller who wants to see the other side of Morocco
the side you will never experience with tour operators or package holidays. We will take you to places tourists rarely get to see, our Moroccan contacts will let you see a world you never thought existed, from small towns and villages in the foothills of the atlas, to spectacular mountain passes, amazing West African Coastline to the inland amazingly preserved kasbahs still lived in by the beautiful Moroccan people.

Our journey will be for 8 to 10 people, with one English and one Moroccan guide. The price includes flights, accomodation, food and travel expenses. We provide breakdown and other services backup (we want to enjoy the trip as much as you- we work hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly whilst at the same time allowing a certain amount of freedom in how the tour develops)


Mountains and Minarets!

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